Physical Activity and Creativity: The Benefits of Breaking a Sweat



Physical activity and creativity are two seemingly unrelated areas, but in reality, they are deeply connected.

Studies have shown that exercise and physical movement have a profound impact on our ability to think creatively and come up with innovative ideas.

From boosting brain function to reducing stress and anxiety, physical activity provides the mental and emotional space for our imaginations to soar.

Whether it’s through a structured workout routine or just a brisk walk, incorporating physical activity into your daily life can unlock rich creative potential.

So embrace your passion for movement and find out how it can ignite your imagination!

In this article, we provide a creative or brainstorming room circuit and setup that maximizes the potential of your employees.


Configuration Proposal




To maximize the creativity of your teams, here is a configuration and system proposal to stimulate innovation.

The system is presented as a 3-step circuit. The area for sport, relaxation, then brainstorming, or creativity. This system has been designed with the aim of optimizing the state of mind of the innovative members of your company.

Here is the principle of this system that you can adapt to your needs.

In order to flesh out the analysis of our system, the text has been revised by the professional in Kinesiology (Science of the movements of the human body) Kassandra Brochu, B.Sc.

Bachelor in this discipline, Kassandra has developed her expertise by working in various sports centers. She is also Co-owner at Féérik which aims to increase women’s health through physical activity (


Sports Area


The first stage of our circuit is the Sport area. This is intended to clear the minds of your team members and improve their concentration and motivation. For this area, the target duration is 15 to 30 minutes.

Especially since the human brain has a limit to staying focused over long periods of time, this area comes to reset the pendulum to 0.

Physical activity reduces stress and improves blood circulation and oxygenation of the brain, which can improve concentration skills and therefore creativity.

Also, physical exercise stimulates the production of certain brain chemicals, such as dopamine and norepinephrine. These substances improve mood and motivation, which increases the ability to solve problems and innovate.

In the end, you kill two birds with one stone by not only improving the productivity of your teams but also by increasing their physical and mental health. This helps with staff retention and reduces absenteeism since the working atmosphere is improved.


Relaxation Zone


Once the first stage is completed, we move on to the relaxation and stretching stage. The target period is 5-10 minutes.

Here, you catch your breath and stretch the previously stretched muscles in order to reduce muscle pain and avoid injury.

Then, relaxation can calm the body and mind, reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep.

In this area, we think in particular of yoga. It can be a great way to relax and recover after a physical workout. It helps stretch tight muscles, and improve flexibility and blood circulation.

It is important to choose appropriate yoga poses for post-exercise recovery, focusing on gentle stretching and deep breathing.


Brainstorm/Creativity Zone


The third and last step is to do your research and development, solution research, new design, or others.

Now that your team is ready and motivated, it’s time to use their brains to their full potential.

In this area, we seek to stimulate creativity and innovation. We want to create a colorful workspace that promotes teamwork and provides the tools necessary for the work to be done.

For example, computers, projectors, round tables, boards, post-its, pencils, etc.

Some applications such as Lucidchart allow you to work on drawings, graphs, diagrams, etc. in a collaborative way.

Tools like Google Drive also allow you to work on files simultaneously and keep track of all the work done.

The danger of paperwork is losing a portion of the work. With this in mind, take pictures of your drawings, paintings, etc.


Art and Colors: Engine of Innovation


In the area of ​​creativity/brainstorming, don’t underestimate the power of art to stimulate the mind.

Art and colors may seem like secondary elements for businesses, but they can actually play a crucial role in stimulating creativity and innovation.

In a constantly changing world, companies must be at the forefront of research and development to remain competitive and stand out from their competitors.

A colorful room can inspire research and development teams to explore new ideas and solutions. Color can awaken the senses and stir up emotions that can lead to innovative ideas.

Additionally, art can help visualize complex concepts and understand them better, which can spark innovative ideas for products or solutions.

In addition, it can help strengthen corporate culture by conveying clear values ​​and goals, as well as inspiring employee cohesion and motivation. Among other things, this increases the feeling of well-being at work, because employees are proud to work in a comfortable and inspiring environment.

Finally, colors can also influence consumer purchasing decisions, which can benefit businesses.

In conclusion, a stimulating environment can be a powerful driver of innovation for companies. Business managers can use these elements to stimulate creativity and strengthen corporate culture while strengthening their position in the market. It’s time to consider art and color as key elements in the innovation process and invest in their potential.




In conclusion, physical activity and creativity are two areas that are closely related. Studies have shown that exercise and movement have a positive impact on the ability to think creatively and produce innovative ideas.

The proposed system, including sports, relaxation, and a brainstorming zone, was designed to optimize the state of mind of innovative employees and maximize their creative potential.

This system also benefits team productivity by improving their physical and mental health, reducing stress and absenteeism, and increasing motivation and problem-solving.

We have to conclude that by integrating this approach into your business, it is possible to release a rich and lasting creative potential.


Référence :

  • Article revised by Kassandra Brochu, Bachelor in Kinesiology
  • This article was written with the help of an AI language model, specifically ChatGPT. Although the template generated the initial content, it was extensively reviewed, edited, and checked by the author to ensure accuracy and compliance with Google guidelines. The author takes full responsibility for the final product and for any errors or inaccuracies that may remain.


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