Collection Performance aims to provide quality information and tools regarding business performance.

Our definition of performance is simply doing more with less. How? By increasing the quality, productivity, and efficiency of businesses.

Our team has ten years of experience in the manufacturing industry and we want to share our knowledge through articles from reliable sources (internal and external) and value-added tools. 

Who is Collection Performance for? To all those who are thirsty for knowledge in terms of business performance. Manager, owner, employee, etc.

Provide value-added information and tools for consumers of our content.

Become an essential source of valuable information for all businesses.


Ensure impeccable quality for all content published by Collection Performance.


Provide reliable information and tools that our customers can rely on.


Respect our customers with useful information and products tested within businesses.

Respect our competitors by creating original content and respecting copyrights.


Picture of Samir Abdulnour, ing., .Sc.A

Samir Abdulnour, ing., .Sc.A

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Joël Abdulnour

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Samuel Robert, B.A.A.