Sampling Plans and Batch Control : Complete Guide – 100%!


The sampling methods presented in this article can be used at the reception, during production, or at the shipping of a company. With regard to reception, we seek to validate the quality of a batch of materials or products received. During production, we can use sampling plans to control batches of units we just produced. […]

Production Monitoring: What? How? Why? – Tools!


Production monitoring, What? How? Why? This article aims to answer these questions in addition to offering you some tools to start tracking Your own Goals now!   What is Production Monitoring?   Production tracking allows you to:   Monitor your goals   Control and predict their achievements   Increase its responsiveness (Preventive Maintenance, Monitor productivity […]

Production Capacity: Profitability and Satisfaction!


Production capacity is an important element for any business. In order to optimize the profitability of its operations, we want to sell as many products or services as possible. However, we do not want to compromise the satisfaction of our customers and our employees. Indeed, if we try to sell more products or services than […]

Design of experiments : Reduce the costs of your performance

Design of experiments

In an age where data drives decisions, understanding the intricacies of the design of experiments is paramount. Whether in business, engineering or even our daily lives, the ability to discern how different factors affect outcomes can lead to more informed decisions. The Design of Experiments (DOE) is a powerful tool for this purpose. This article […]

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