From Raw to Retail: The Flow of Goods


  What is the Flow of Goods?   The flow of goods starts with sourcing raw materials and components, then goes through the manufacturing process, followed by packaging, storage, and distribution to the end user. The manufacturing process is a part of the supply chain. It is usually considered the first step in the flow […]

Supply Network Design: Critical Asset For Your Business!


What is Supply Network Design?   Supply network design or Supply Chain Network Design is the process of designing and managing the flow of resources, information, and finances between organizations within the supply chain. The main goal of supply network design is to minimize cost and maximize service while meeting customer demand. This process includes […]

The Global Production Plan: A Deep Dive

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In any successful company’s toolbox, the global production plan stands out as a critical asset. Often interchangeably termed as the business or overall production plan, it serves as a blueprint for a company’s long-term strategies. At its core, this plan aims to weave together the essential elements of marketing, finance, and production functions over a […]

Value chain: Mapping your competitive advantages

Value Chain

The value chain is an essential element for all businesses. It makes it possible to identify value-added operations and competitive advantages. On the other hand, mapping is a tool to visualize the different stages of a process, evaluate them, and draw actions from them in order to increase the efficiency of operations.   What is […]

Top 5 Networking Technologies in 2024